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Bernadette Pierce Skill and Passion

Bernadette Pierce’s skill and passion are for those who need help through manual lymph drainage - whether it be post cancer treatment patients, the reduction of swelling as a result of broken limb(s), right down to sinuses and nasal decongestion.

Bernadette’s objective is to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph. She provides a very specialised therapy, incorporating her own techniques combined with the power of the latest technology for optimal management of lymphoedema.

Hivamat Deep Oscillation

A unique advantage of Bernadette Pierce’s treatment is how she incorporates the much sought after Hivamat Deep Oscillating machine.
Post-surgically, the Hivamat machine significantly reduces pain, swelling and is effective in removing excess fluids, with results being seen in a much faster time frame.
Bernadette incorporates this pleasant, non-invasive, non-traumatic, electrostatic massage therapy through the use of vinyl gloves to ensure optimal results.

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The Benefits of MLD


  • "I had a mastecomy and lymph nodes removed and as a result have lymphedema in my left arm. This causes discomfort in my arm reconstructed breast and shoulder. Bernadette was recommended to me eighteen months ago and I have had several treatments with her since. She is so thorough and informative during the treatments.She also has an understanding of the challenges as she also has lymphedema.She is very welcoming and immediately puts you at ease. Since attending Bernadette I have had great relief from my lymphedema and the treatments keep it under control. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernadette.“

    Carol Arm
  • "I have been attending Bernadette since 2014 following treatment for Breast Cancer. I have moderate lymphedema affecting my arm but primarily my breast. Bernadette has been able to resolve the lymph oedema issues in my breast through regular sessions of Manual Lymph Drainage. When I first attended her, my breast was very swollen and quite sore, thankfully these issues have been controlled. Bernadette always greets me with a big smile and welcome. As time has gone on she has made it her business to find other ways to help with the lymph oedema, particularly when I am not able to undergo MLD while undergoing further chemotherapy. She is also very knowledgeable in lymphoedema and how to reduce the risk of it worsening. I would have no hesitation to recommend Bernadette as a MLD therapist.

  • "Bernadette is a great Lymphoedema therapist. She has been treating me with MLD on my lymphoedematous leg for two years. She has managed to improve and maintain the condition of my leg. She is very skilled and professional and I recommend her highly.“

    Marie Leg
  • "I had a mastectomy and developed lymphedema on the side of my body and back. Thanks to Bernadette the situation is now very much under control. She is kind, professional and most important of all, effective. I can absolutely recommend her.“

    Melissa Body
  • "I had severe pain in my right knee. Bernadette applied Kinesio Tape and the relief was instant. Less limping, great support and restful sleep. Amazing“

    Marie Kinesio Tape

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